Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dum Dum Da...Damn

So I realize it's been waaay long since I last posted. Pesky non-profit jobs will do that to you. Alas, the school year is FINALLY over and I've settled into my much less stressful summer job. Naturally, I have something new to amp up the stress in my life.

Awhile back, over either wine, beer- some beverage that clouded my judgment- I agreed (hell, I think I volunteered) to make my friend Hanah's wedding cake. That's right, a wedding cake. I remember waking up the next day, happy to greet my weekend only to suddenly recall my crazy pact to create a wedding cake in early July for Hanah and Scott.

Somehow, this fact managed to slip to the back of my brain until I glanced at the calendar at work last week and almost screamed out loud. How is it almost the end of JUNE? Do you know what month comes after June? That's right, JULY. THE MONTH WHERE I HAVE TO MAKE A WEDDING CAKE FOR 140+ PEOPLE. Somehow, the capital letters soothe my nerves. Sadly, the relief is only temporary.

Since my realization of the present date, I have finally buckled down and begun the groundwork. Here's what I know: the cake will be chocolate, three tiers, with white swiss meringue buttercream. One tier might, MIGHT be chocolate chipotle. That's only if I get my act together. Real flowers will act as the majority of the decorations. I know that there will not be an ounce of fondant on this years of working for a wedding business have permanently turned me off from the stuff. I have NO CLUE how I will transport the damn thing....or actually how I will go about putting the whole thing together. I have secured some pans (road trip to Sonoma County this Saturday, woot!), and I've also selected a chocolate cake recipe. Yet I still have nightmares of a cake that crumbles when I attempt to frost it and I still break into a sweat when I walk past the wedding magazines in the grocery store. Basically, I will be a nervous wreck till this cake is baked,delivered, and devoured.

To further alleviate my nerves, I plan on testing out the cake recipe I intend to use for the wedding cake tomorrow. This will involve me preparing coffee for the first time in my life. You read that right. Yeah, I don't drink coffee and I actually graduated from college. It can happen. I also will try out the swiss meringe buttercream frosting as well. If all goes well and I don't melt into a puddle of self doubt, I'll post about the trial run.

Till then...

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